Guidelines for abstract and full paper submission

Guidelines for abstract submission 

  • The abstract should be submitted online via the conference website.  
  • All abstracts must be written in English and prepared using Microsoft Word (see Abstract template). 
  • The Presenting Author for each abstract submitted must be clearly identified at the time of abstract submission. 
  • Authors must specify whether they are submitting an abstract for an oral presentation or a poster presentation.
  • If the presenting authors are submitting an abstract for Full-text Conference Proceeding, they must prepare the full text conference proceeding according to the proceeding template (see Proceeding template).
  • The presenters can choose to present their work either online or onsite and are required to give their presentations at the specific times scheduled by the conference committee. 
  • All submissions are subjected to peer review.
  • The review decision will be notified by e-mail, we strongly encourage participants to regularly log in to the system to ensure prompt revision of the work (if any).
  • The formal acceptance of abstracts will be announced by November 30th, 2022.


                                                                                                                                            Guidelines for Presenters


Please find below some potentially useful material to assist you in preparing a presentation for the 2nd international Conference on TU Health Science (ICTUHS). Below you will find specific information for Oral and Poster Presentations.

  • If for any reason you find yourself unable to present your paper, please contact the organizing committee as soon as possible. In case you cannot attend, the abstract has to be withdrawn at your earliest convenience, but not later than February 17, 2023 via email: Your help in saving costs substantially by avoiding empty poster boards is highly appreciated. If the presentation does not take place, the corresponding abstract will be removed from the online abstract book.
  • Due to the current Covid-19 situation, the ICTUHS conference will be a hybrid conference, with some people physically attending in Thammasat University (Rangsit campus) and other people attending online. The Organizing Committee delivers the onsite video streaming and online conference platform.

1. Presentation materials

All the presenters are required to prepare their presentation materials, some of which should be submitted to the organizing committee beforehand.


Presentation platform

Place for Presentation

Presentation materials

Oral Presenter (Onsite)

Conference Venue

File: brought in by presenter in person

Oral Presenter (Online)

Zoom platform

File: shared on Zoom platform

Poster Presenter (onsite only) 

Conference Venue


Printed and brought in by the presenter in person and

Electronic poster also uploaded beforehand.




2. Oral Presentations for speakers (including invited speakers)

  • Invited speakers presenting in Plenaries and Symposiums should check their time slots in the program book.
  • The selected oral presentations have been allocated a 15-minutes time slot. These 15-minutes must include the presentation, questions, and transitioning to the next speaker. It is important to strictly adhere to this schedule as most oral presentations are scheduled in parallel sessions.

2.1 Oral speakers attending onsite in Thammasat University

Onsite oral speakers can give presentations at the conference venue.

Each meeting room will be equipped with a personal computer to accommodate PowerPoint and PDF presentation formats. There will be a designated contact person coordinating the upload of your presentation file in your session room. Please coordinate with this person to upload your presentation before your session. Presenters are strongly encouraged to verify that their presentation materials have been uploaded properly on the on-site equipment.

Arrive at your session room at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the session and familiarize yourself with the audio-visual equipment.

All oral presenters are expected to support their presentation with a corresponding slideshow. The slides should be prepared in either PowerPoint or PDF format to ensure maximum compatibility with the equipment available on-site. Videos should either be embedded into the slides, or, if linked, be contained in the same folder of the main presentation document, and not linked to any online file with network access.

2.2 Oral speakers attending Online

Online oral speakers can give presentations by accessing via a Zoom platform corresponding to the session. You should turn your camera on during your presentation so that audience sees your face. 



3. Poster Presentations

Posters should be carefully designed and prepared to ensure their full impact. The poster sessions will be held only at the onsite conference venue. Poster will be mounted on a dedicated board in the Poster Exhibition Hall at the conference venue at designated time. 

Presenters of physical posters must stand in front of their posters during this core time. Presenters must also upload a PDF of the poster to the link provided by the organizer before the conference starts. The PDF files of poster presentations will be uploaded and viewable for the audience.

Instructions for electronic posters uploaded to the designated link:
  ・ PDF format
  ・ Presenter’s email address should be shown.

At the conference venue, a single-sided board in portrait format (height 120 cm x width 100 cm) will be available for each presenter to attach their poster.

You are advised to limit your poster size to A0 (118.9 cm (height) x 84.1 cm (width) but you should consider the margins of the board. The boards will be numbered to correspond to poster numbers in the Program.

Mounting: Presenters must finish setting up their posters by noon 12.00 pm on day of presentation. Each board will be marked with the poster number, as indicated in the program

Removing: Posters must be removed by the presenters themselves after 17.00 pm on day of presentation. Posters remaining after 18.00 pm will be discarded.